Monday, 24 October 2011

A flowery 70s bedroom before and after

Ahhh floral wallpaper. The bane of so many 70s houses. Laura from The Test Nest has a few bad memories about wallpaper removal.

But as you can see all the effort was worth it. The final result is modern and clean. Very nice!







Sunday, 23 October 2011

A dining room before but a great office after

Many of us have a corner of our house that we would love to convert into something more useful. For Crystal at the Weekend Homemaker, the corner was a little-used dining room that would be much more useful as a home office.

The pictures make it look like magic but it was actually a case of bringing together paint, desks, chairs, a rug, picture frames, shelves and much more in just the right quantities.

Check out Crystal's great writeup. Best of all, a full list of all the parts needed to steal a little of Crystal's great look is provided too. Thanks Crystal!


Diningroom2 650x433


After3 650x433

Chair3 650x433

Before and after a kitchen of amazing awesomeness!

We couldn't help but use a little alliteration in the description of this great kitchen makeover... after all it's the way the owner, Lacy, describes it. According to Lacy her new kitchen is like crack - so addictive! Check out her hilarious write up of the kitchen makeover.

After some major demolition work a blank canvas was left for a sexy makeover. it may have taken a few not-so-veiled threats to the tradesman but everything fits neat and tidy, just the way Lacy wanted it.

There's plenty more great photos at Modern Sauce. Brilliant job Lacy!


MISC pics 014










Friday, 23 September 2011

A breathtaking whole home renovation: Hayvenhurst House

These amazing renovated home photos left us speechless. The transformation of the "Hayvenhurst House" was designed by Architect Dan Brunn. He started with an existing ranch style house and in only 6 months completed the whole design and construction.

The house now has an open plan living design which revolves around an existing fireplace. Wide sliding partition doors allow airflow with minimal air conditioning use. The huge kitchen is connected to the central chimney and even the bathrooms and bedrooms were recreated.

For even more amazing photos, images of the floor plan design and more details about the work completed visit Dan Brunn Architects.


Brunn Before 1

Brunn Before 2

Brunn Before 3

Brunn Before 4

Brunn Before 5

Brunn Before 6


Brunn After 1

Brunn After 2

Brunn After 3

Brunn After 4

Brunn After 5

Brunn After 6

Brunn After 7

Brunn After 8

Brunn After 9

Brunn After 10


Kitchen comp winner: Before was dark and dated but after is light and bright

This competition winning kitchen is the amazing work of Design Studio International. This kitchen won the 2011 NKBA Design Award for best before and after kitchen.

The remodel involved extra light, new work surfaces and amazing storage. White cabinets and a neutral color scheme add to the bright mood and natural light through the huge windows brings the outside in.



Doychinov BEFORE Best Before and After kitchen 650


Doychinov Best Before and After kitchen 650